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Why your next roof should be a ‘warm’ roof!

Homes no longer have to suffer from the cold temperatures and heat loss of a traditional flat roof with the latest in ‘warm’ roofing solutions by North East Roofing Ltd.

Our commercial & domestic warm roofing provides a significant reduction in heat loss and therefore heating running costs. By installing damp proofing, insulation and covering this with a fibreglass layer, flat roofs can be just as, if not more, efficient as any ordinary roof.

All of our fibreglass warm roofing is guaranteed from 20 years + and provides:

  • Strong, durable & hard wearing finish
  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • Range of colour finishes available
  • Guarantees from 20 years +
  • All work is fully insured

To find out more about why you should consider our ‘warm’ roofing services, contact a member of our team!

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