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Fed up with your leaking flat roofs? Here is the answer…

If you have flat roofs as part of your home such as garages, extensions, porches, terraces, bay windows or other locations, you need to take a look at our GRP fibreglass roofing!

Do away with the traditional old fashioned method of felt and tar, and give your home a boost with the latest fibreglass roofing technology.

With a 20+ year effectiveness, you can forget about leaks and damage to your property and enjoy living in the comfort of a water tight home.

Fibreglass roofing is ideal for domestic & commercial applications such as skylights, pipes, ventilators, walls and roof buildings of all sizes and complexities. Because fibreglass roofing is so long lasting, durable, robust and hard wearing it means that once it has been installed it will never need to be done again.

It benefits from features such as non-slip finishes ideal for terraces or walkways, insulation can be incorporated to make buildings more energy efficient, and colours can be chosen to make them more attractive than traditional felt and bitumen products.

Fibreglass roofing is known to last the lifetime of the building and provides an abundance of benefits…

  • Strong, durable & hard wearing
  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient options
  • Insulation options (cold vs warm roofing)
  • Range of colour finishes available
  • Guarantees from 20 years +
  • All work is fully insured

With so many benefits it’s clear why so many people choose fibreglass as a roofing solution over traditional methods.

Why not contact us and have a chat about the benefits of GRP / Fibreglass!