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Avoid costly repairs by regularly maintaining your roof

Don’t get caught out by damaged or leaking roofs. Spotting roofing problems early can save you a fortune before they become serious problems. The following list can help you identify what to look out for…

Internal damp or leaks may signal a leaking roof as the result of a cracked or slipped tile, or even cracks in your roofing felt or covering. If a tile has blown off or suffered damage from the elements, it should be replaced quickly to prevent water entering your roof space and penetrating the roofing felt. Once a tile has become damaged or has slipped this can also lead to more damage in high winds and worst case scenario can leave more tiles needing to be replaced.

Cracks or splits around the edges of roofing felt, bitumen or coverings can signal your roof is in need of repair before water damage causes serious problems to your property. On flat roofs it is important to watch for uneven lumps which can lead to splits and cracks.

Regular maintenance can include gutter & drain cleaning, roof re-pointing, tile replacement, all of which can prevent costly bills for repairs or roof replacements from poor maintenance.

North East Roofing can provide regular maintenance to your roof. Being specialists in commercial & domestic roofs we provide cost effective maintenance & repair to customers throughout the north east of England. Contact us for more information.